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Transdisciplinary Approaches to Dementia and Aging | The Lecture Series of the Phenomenology of Dementia and Aging Network

Universität zu Köln | Online via Zoom
SoSe 2024 | 5.2.2024 – 3.3.2025 | Montags 14:00 – 15:30 Uhr (CET)

Our lecture series, enriched by insights from distinguished experts in both theory and practice, is dedicated to delving into the nuanced experiences of individuals living with dementia. Our approach is guided by the principle that only an inter- and transdisciplinary oriented dementia research, focussing on the intersubjective human being, can correct the one-sided view on deficits and losses by resources and chances – and thus bring diagnosis and therapy on the one hand and theory and practice on the other hand closer together. That is why the central thread combining all lectures addresses not primarily the neurodegenerative development of the brain, but psycho- and sociodegenerative processes of sociolinguistically and historioculturally situated persons, embracing their lived experience.


Organisiert von: Dr. Erik Norman Dzwiza-Ohlsen & Ragna Winniewski, Husserl Archives Cologne/a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne

Zoom Zugang:  https://uni-koeln.zoom.us/j/91365214213?pwd=cWFRQnZKcjlMY3RzNEdISHMzU09GUT09 

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Programm Lecture Series SoSe 2024  

Joel Kruger (Exeter)
„Selves Beyond the Skin: Tetsuro Watsuji`s Contribution to Phenomenological Approaches to Dementia“

Valerie N. Keller (Zurich)
“Herausforderungen und Ressourcen im Leben mit Demenz: Wie Betroffene Sorge um sich tragen”

Lone Grøn (Copenhagen)
„Presents in Dementia: Temporalities and Ethics at a Danish Dementia Ward”

Thomas Johannsen (Amsterdam)
„Making Dementia Matter Through Sound - the Stem&Luister project of the Genetic Choir“

Thomas Klie (Freiburg)
„Recht auf Demenz? Eine anthropologische und juristische Annäherung“

Rasmus Dyring (Aarhus)
“Creating Intercorporeal Caring Spaces in Residential Dementia Care”

Frances Bottenberg (North Carolina)
“Spieltherapien und Demenz: Eine tugendepistemische Untersuchung”

Annette Leibing (Montreal)
“Preventing Dementia? On the Epistemic Situatedness of the ‘New Dementia’”

Marianne Elisabeth Klinke (Iceland)

Lucienne Spencer (Birmingham/Oxford)
“Beyond Intellectual Arrogance and Towards Epistemic Humility for People with Dementia”

Ana Paula Barbosa-Fohrmann (Rio de Janeiro)
„Phenomenology and Narratives of Dementia: Merleau Ponty's Contributions“

Jessie Starnier (Exeter)

Ann V. Murphy (New Mexico)
“Caregiving and Paranoid Delusion: A Critical Phenomenological Approach”